Thermo mechanic group

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about us

Thermo Mechanic complex was founded in 2011 by Mr. Daniel Ordoukhani and Mr. Madoyd Ordoukhani in Strasbourg, FranceĀ  . The purpose of the establishment of this complex is co-operation with various industries as a Partner or Supplier. In addition, we design and manufacture a wide range of industrial such as Power Plant, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical field and so forth. We had slight fluctuation in this path and now, we are one of pioneers in this issue. Today, it is claimed that we have been able to get the right position in the industry, with the help of specialists and supply chain. But even so, Thermo Mechanic Groups consists of a construction and assembly workshop (Thermo Mechanic), Engineering and Technical department Thermo Mechanic Construction (TMC) And foreign branch called Electro Thermo Mechanic(ETM) that organization our costumer issues such as guaranty, warranty and marketing . In addition, Supply chain management allows us to achieve such goals as reducing delivery time, reducing production costs, lean production and most importantly, reducing the need for initial investment. We believe that use and utilization of young talented engineers and educated forces, helping us to get new market and develop my customers. It is expected to reach the market of at least 5 European countries and all countries in Middle East by 2020.